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Celebration for exceeding 10000 likes of KA Facebook fan page


  1. You must “Like” King Arms facebook page first.
  2. Make use of King Arms products to build up a cool and attractive weapon.
  3. You are required to provide the product ID (product code) for each item used.
  4. Take a photo of your built weapon then send us the photo by e-mail.
  5. E-mail address:
  6. Each photo should show one weapon only.
  7. You should submit your photo with title as well as Facebook account name to us for the purpose of administration.
  8. The submitted photo must be in .jpg format and the long edge of the photo must within 2400 pixels and size of 5 MBs as well.
  9. There will be a screening of uploaded photos and the better quality of photos will be place in the upper position of the facebook album.
  10. The highest vote (most liked photo) is the winner of the competition.
  11. The times of entries is no limit.
  12. The submission starts at 17 Jun 2013 and ends at 7 Jul 2013 1200 GMT+8.
  13. The voting starts at 8 Jul 2013 and end at 22 Jul 2013 1200 GMT+8.
  14. The winner of “The King of Arms builders” will be announced at 30 Jul 2013.


  1. Get one score per a use of King Arms product
  2. Only exterior accessories or parts will be scored.
  3. Customization based on King Arms airsoft gun will get extra 5 bonus scores. (Accessories or parts come with original weapon are not scored.)
  4. Maximum scores will be limited up to 25 scores.
  5. Winner will be rewarded USD 20 e-dollars per each score.
  6. Amount of items or accessories to build the weapon is no limit.


  1. A souvenir will be given to those participants with quality entries. (The entries are judged by the staffs of King Arms.)
  2. Prize of this contest “The King of Arms builders” must been used within three months after the announcement of winner or it will be expired.
  3. Application of the prize is on a one-off basis.
  4. The kind or category of spending is no limit.
  5. Shipping cost is not included in the prize.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Participants are voluntarily agreed and to follow the above and following rules, terms and conditions in the contest of “The King of Arms builders”.
  2. Participants are required to be honest that the count of building items is King Arms.
  3. Participants are responsible of your submitted photographs that have not infringed the copyright of any third party or any laws.
  4. Participants must warrant that all photographs submitted must be original that is your own work and own the copyright of it and have not been published elsewhere or the work by another.
  5. Photo contains sex, violent or political elements may possibly be screened.
  6. The give out of souvenir is based on registered residential address, and each registered address can receive only one souvenir.
  7. Submission with no address will be considered giving up the souvenir.
  8. Any cheating or fraud will be disqualified immediately without prior notice.
  9. Participants are responsible to monitor your entries and notice us immediately if there is any abnormal situation.
  10. Should there be any disputes, decisions of King Arms will be final.
  11. Participant will be disqualified if there is any violation of the rules, terms and conditions.
  12. King Arms reserves the right to use of photographs provided by participants of this event.
  13. King Arms reserves the right to change any rules, terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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