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World Class firearms companies authorize King Arms for exclusive manufacture

June 04,2014

We're excited to announce that King Arms has signed an exclusive master license with  Modular Driven Technologies, Inc., Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. and North Eastern Arms Group Inc.

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Celebrating King Arms 10th anniversary new website launch!!

June 03,2014

To celebrate King Arms 10 Years Anniversary, we have revamping our official website, to provide better user experience and aftersales service.


New web site, new function!

Users are able to register their KA products after completing their member registration. Also a new Q&A platform and contact us page, manual downloads and other advanced features will make your shopping experience even better.

By typing in your Keywords, users are able to search their target products easily through our new search engine. Sample as follows:

Most recently used Keyword

Key Words

Search Results

Details and Description

Training weapons

All kind of training weapons will show on the display

A wide range of products are defined in 4 levels, (EliteAdvanceUltra GradeSport series.) to meet various market needs.

EBB training weapons

Only EBB training weapons will show on display.

EBB approximates the feel of bolt movement during firing, thus users experience a light blowback sensation.

GBB training weapons

Only GBB training weapons will show on display.

GBB weapons use 134a / green compressed liquid or co2 compressed liquid to give the most realistic blowback sensation.

Air cocking training weapons 

Only air cocking training weapons will show on the display

Mostly they are single shot bolt action airsoft rifle

AEG training weapons

Only battery operated training weapons will show on the display.

AEG platform are always stable, easy to maintain and upgradeable for end users.

Gears Set


Custom / replacement gears to enhance gearbox performance.

Tappet Plate


Available in bulk pack and single packs. Made of Polyoxymethylene.


All the Battery and Relatives will show on display.


Battery only

Only Battery will show on display

Please read our FAQ for how to choose a battery.

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