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New Steel Piston Lock(Mosin-Nagant 1891)

June 18,2015

more info : KA-PT-12


King Arms 6mm BBs is Back

June 10,2014


Our long-awaited original King Arms Platinum series & biodegradable 6mm BB bullets are finally here!

These Made in Taiwan bb bullets are developed for experienced players, with high precision size control (5.95mm +/- 0.01mm diameter), ideal for high power and high-speed airsoft rifles and pistols, ultimate choice for personal and business use.

V Production Co. Ltd is proud to reiterate that we are the ONLY supplier for King Arms BB bullets and other airsoft product to distributors and resellers worldwide.

If you want to resell or sole distributors in particular district,please send email to  contact@vproltd.com to apply.

The New TWS (Training Weapon System) released and accept order

May 27,2014

This Training Weapon system (TWS) Motor Grip has a optimised grip angle that sets your hand close to the receiver, leading your arm and shoulder into a proper shooting position. The aggressive scale pattern holds the shooter's hand in place, a perfect solution for Close Quarters Battle. Fits for all M4/M16 AEG.


This Training Weapon System (TWS) Front Grip has a very low profile without sacrificing functionality. It has a battery / part storage compartment with a quick access cover on the bottom. The flat non-slip bottom surface aids in supported firing positions. Also, a pressure switch can be mounted on both sides.