King Arms high performance 1600mAh 10.8V M4 Crane Stock Type Battery. Top quality wires are used to ensure there will be enough current-carrying capacity and less resistance to the current flow. It can be store in
- King Arms Special Force Crane Stock 2008 Ver.
- Carbine MOD Stock
- M4 Clubfoot Modstock
- M4 Enhanced Carbine Modstock.

IMPORTANT NOTE on USING LITHIUM BATTERIES: Capable of single cell charging with 2 outgoing wires: one for Charging, one for Using Installation may need minor modifications on some receivers Buyer must pay extreme caution during the use of Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Batteries. Use Specific charger for Lithium Battery. Put the batteries in fire-proof container in Charging / Store / Transfer Never leave batteries unattended when charging High Quality Balance Charging or using Lithium Battery Balancer is highly recommended. Improper use of Lithium Batteries may cause damage or lead to safety problem, e.g. overheating, leakage or explosion. Please make sure you understand the precaution steps and consider thoroughly about the corresponding risks before making a purchase.

10.8V 1600mAh M4 Crane Stock Type Battery