Black Rain Ordnance  Official Licensed Airsoft Gun by King Arms.  PTS PRS stock Limited Edition .

This M4 AEG equipped with 15" MOD (Modular Rail System – KA-RAS-69-BK) and Black Rain Ordnance style metal receiver.


-Full CNC Machined 15” MOD Rail with CNC engraved Black Rain Ordnance marking

-Aluminum 6061 receiver with CNC engraved Black Rain Ordnance marking.                                 

-Equipped Magpul PTS PRS Stock. Compatible with M4 AEG stock & tube. 

-Unique serial number

-CNC Machined one piece fluted outer barrel.


-"LET IT RAIN!!" laser engraved marking Dust Cover

-Laser engraved Black Rain Ordnance marking Bolt Cover

-Steel Charging Handle with CNC engraved Black Rain Ordnance marking

-The Quick spring change Ver.2 gearbox with 8mm bearing  helps to replace the spring and adjust the shooting power easily.

-Mosfet assembly provides better trigger contact.

-Folding rear sight & front sight.                                                                                                       

-TWS (Training Weapon System) Interchangeable Motor Grip is a M4/M16 grip for AEG.  It is designed to improve ergonomics with interchangeable front and rear inserts for personalized hand fit, gives the operator maximum comfort and control over the weapon.

-Package comes with 6 Pieces (Magpul PTS PRS stock, main grip, 2 pcs of front grip pads and 3 pcs of rear grip pads) (KA-TG-29-BK)

-TWS (Training Weapon System) 370 rounds magazine. (KA-MAG-72-BK)

Black Rain Ordnance Rifle - PTS PRS stock