1. Frame:      
-Built in aluminum slide provides a solid and strong structure combined.    

-CNC fashion carving designed made your unique pistol, more frictions

for the frame, and easier to operate.


-Pistol frame with CNC engraved and polymer receiver made the pistol

lighter and increase the agility and shooting accuracy of the shooter.

-Anodized painting for a perfect finish.      
2. Barrel      

-One-piece aluminum outer barrel is made by precision CNC machined for best

and unique outlook.


-Smooth and precise brass internal barrel in the length of 113.4mm

and 6.05mm diameter. Makes the shooting trajectory constantly precise.

3. Sights       
-Fixed sights for an easier and faster aiming.      
4. Safety      

-Unique safety located at the bottom of the barrel which provided a safer

secure system.

-rigger safety system replicated for a realistic outlook.    
5. Grip      
-Ergonomic design provides a natural handle with a curved support surface.    
-No-slippery patterned grip built in carbon fiber reinforced polymer.    
6. Magazine      
-King Arms Gas operated 24 +1 rounds magazine with polished finish.    
-Marked with serial number and BB´s counting marks.    
-Compatible with Tokyo Marui magazines.      
-Magazines come with base pad to protect it and provide a better handle.    
7. Parts      

-Adjustable hop up let users fine tuning their precise shooting range.

User can replace difference hop up rubber from aftermarket parts at

their preference.