M700 rifle series -Full metal bolt action gas sniper rifle.


1.M-LOK tactical handguard:
- M-LOK is the most trendy rail system in the real firearms. This MLOK handguard is original KING ARMS design.
 - One piece CNC machined metal M-LOK handguard provides a solid rail platform. M-LOK-standard accessories can be bolt-on quickly and concretely.
 - Four-sided mounting platform conveniences shooters to bolt-on vary accessories.


- Equipped with CAA official licensed CBS+ACP (Collapsible Butt-Stock & Adjustable Cheek Rest).
-  Adjustable cheek rest can be custom fit to the shooters needs.


3.Outer & Inner Barrel:
 - One piece fluted outer barrel is CNC machined from aviation grade Aluminum. The design gives the rifle a muscular feeling. The large diameter keeps it straight and rigid to avoid wobbling.
- The CNC engraved aluminum metal body with unique patterns and a "Model 700" marking with serial number for    decoration.
- Smooth and precise brass internal barrel in the length of 585mm and 6.05mm diameter. Makes the shooting    trajectory constantly precise.


- Steel Flash Hider with military grade surface finishing.


- The safety-lock locks up the trigger when not ready to fire and avoid any mis-triggering. 


 - The standard 20mm picatinny top rail provides a platform to mount accessories such as a scope.


 - Package comes with a double stack metal casing M700 gas magazine.  It can store up to 25 rounds 6mm bb bullet.


 - The top turning node convenient adjusts the degree of hop-up. It used a VSR-10 type hop up rubber. User can find a replacement parts easily to suit their preference.
 - Good sealing inlet valve, outlet valve and air transfer channel avoid from gas leakage.
 - The power can be adjusted by a built-in airflow control unit inside the bolt carrier.
 - Bolt carrier can be detached easily by push the bolt carrier release button under the trigger.
 - Metal constructed internal join all parts concretely. Other parts such as magazine catch and bolt cocking handle and bolt carrier are all made by metal. Make this KING ARM M700 gas rifle solid and reliable.

TWS M-LOK CNC Sniper Rifle