In 2020, the first cooperation between KING ARMS and CHOATE MACHINE & TOOL reborn the legendary classic gun in airsoft, applying the "100% made in USA" Choate M1 Military Side Folding Stock with the KING ARMS M1 GBB system.

Functionally, it combines Choate dexterous and flexible design folding stock with KING ARMS stable and reliable M1 GBB system.

Externally, it highlights and redefines the Black in its extreme color.

This series totally ferocious and deadly like snake, which lives Live all over the forest, waiting for the prey, WE CALL THE M1 – BLACK MAMBA.


1. Receiver
- Made with nylon polymer and metal, providing longer resistance and durability, also the rifle looks and feels authentic.
- Designed with lightweight and compact, it's great for hiking, backpacking ,guiding or collection etc.
- At the top of the carbine is forward optic mount, CNC machined out of aluminum, conveniences shooters to bolt-on vary accessories.

2. Barrel
 - One piece outer barrel is made with full metal. The design gives the rifle a muscular feeling, keeps it straight and rigid to avoid wobbling.
 - Smooth and precise brass internal barrel makes the shooting trajectory constantly precise.

3. Stock
 - The folding stocks are much ridged when extended and insure a stable shooting platform for your rifle.
 - Made with nylon polymer and high quality steel, fitted with a recoil absorbing rubber butt pad.

4. Sights
 - Fixed front sight & foldable rear sight.
 - The rear sight is realistic designed and adjustable as user's preference for high precision shooting.

5. Magazine
 - Package comes with a CO2 magazine. It can store up to 15 rounds 6mm bb bullet.

6. Parts:
- Fire selector,safety, magazine release, cocking handle, sling swivel, screws, nuts and the pivot plate etc. all made with full metal.

Black Mamba Limited Edition