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Power Up Carbon Fiber Silencer for KWA KRISS Vector 38 x 188 mm


This 16mm+ thread Power Up Carbon Fiber Silencer is made from high quality carbon fiber. Durable frosted clear coating layers have been applied on the surface to achieve wonderful finishing and protection. They are also extremely lightweight so it will not affect the user's mobility. The silencer is integrated with a 6.03 inner barrel extension to increase the power of the gun. Although it is specifically designed for KWA KRISS, it is also compatible with other 16mm+ thread guns such as Umarex MK23 and USP.45 Tactical with some modification or without the inner barrel extension.
Length : 188mm
Diameter : 38mm
Diameter of inner barrel : 6.03mm
Thread : 16mm clockwise
Weight : 150 g

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