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Prepare to Destroy everything with the 84R Grenade Version IV

May 08,2019

A new grenade: 84R Grenade Version IV is now available!!!

It can charge up to 84 rounds and make a massive explosion in your game!!!

Get it now!!!


84R Grenade Version IV



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Look enemies through the Sight of Insight! New Red Dot Sight Available Now!!!

May 08,2019

Need an accessorry that can hunt down your enemies with different guns?

Be hold, the new Tactical Red Dot Sight of King Arms.

It comes with the mounts for pistol & standard 20mm rail, so you can install the sight at your weapons!!!

It's available now!!!!


King Arms Tactical Red Dot Sight



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The Next Level is READY! Get the PDW 5.56 SBR NOW!!!

March 21,2019

For the PDW Lover, we level up our PDW SBR series NOW!!!

The PDW 5.56 SBR sereis, they are compatible with the standard M4 magazine,

which mean you can store up more bullets capacity!!!!

Pre-order now, get them now!

PDW 5.56 SBR series