Terms and Conditions

Why King Arms distributors/dealers/retailers?

To ensure the King Arms end users get the best services and have the problems solved at the soonest time, we have King Arms worldwide distributors/dealers/retailers  that you can get in contact with. Sometimes a simple call can shorter your time. and that's what King Arms distributors/dealers/retailers for.

"Contact us " & "FAQ" :

Through "Contact us" and "FAQ" as a pipeline King Arms clients be able to ask questions i.e where to buy the replacement parts, Technical consulting or any further assistance etc...

Please Note: This is not "warranty section" , if you have warranty issues please go to "Warranty (RMA)section".

Warranty (RMA):

  1. If you purchased from the shops and found out lack of parts or broken parts etc... under the warranty period/ non-human factors:

              ANS: We suggest the priority you should do is contact directly to the shops where you purchased from and request for replacement or fix for you.

2.  If the warranty had invailed and still can't get your problem fixed after consulting the shops.

      ANS: Please go to our websire at "Warranty(RMA)",and complete every steps ,descrip your warranty issues as clear as possible,specially

              -End customer provides the model number.

              -End customer provides a valid receipt. (since it can help us get more retail shop contacts as well)Otherwise we only provide limited services.

              -End customer provides the parts number, if possible. you can find out the parts code from your instruction manual at explosive page.or you can download from our website

                     -End customer provides the photo of requesting parts. (If needed)

         Due to there are too many posts and feedbacks come back and forth from facebook,sometimes we may dismiss your requests or questions,so that will be very appreciated if you can            drop us an email via KING ARMS webs, we have internal process to systemize the handling. and will reply to you at the soonest time.

Thank you and Enjoy your King Arms