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TWS STOCK---Type 4

June 14,2019

New type of TWS Stock is here.

Trendy stock design for The stylish shooter.



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Back to the good old day!!! M1 & M1A1 RESTOCK!!!!

May 10,2019

Our M1 Carbine and M1A1 Paratrooper will restock recently!!!

For those players miss the good old day, get them now!!!


King Arms M1 & M1A1


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Giveaway & Seek for Creative Players! Get chances to win a BIG PRIZE!!!

April 25,2019

Creation for your own style

Are you a enthusiastic player or a creative designer? Now it's your chance! Let King Arms helps you to create a Unique airsoft pattern.

Registration Time: 19-29th /April 2019. Welcome to sign up for this game (Sign up by commenting #KA_CUSTOMIZE in the FB comment section) . We will select 5 candidates to attend this game and the name will be announced on 30th /April. What you have to bare is only the shipping cost etc., then you can win our King Armsspecial selected series for making your own creative and unique design pattern. Then you have to post the picture of your own design masterpiece to your Facebook and Tag "King Arms" befor ethe date 20th /May. We will vote for the best one and you will win extra Specical Gift.

Registration Time: 19-29th /April
Announcement : 20th /May
Modified method: No Specification on color or accessories

Sign up HERE:

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